Everyone knows when it’s time for them to eat. Your body naturally lets you know. Sometimes subtly and other times… not as subtly. However, waiting for your stomach to rumble is not the best method to decide when to eat. We’ve always known that what we eat plays a large role in our health, but now we know that when we eat greatly affects our health. Luckily, the benefits of meal scheduling move past simply benefiting our health. However, the health gains cannot be understated. 


First of all, scheduling meal windows affects your health in two major ways: eating healthy and eating consistently to fuel your body. By planning ahead you’re able to arrange meals that are healthier and fit your nutritional needs. You won’t have to panic when getting off work because you don’t know what to eat for dinner since you’ll have everything pre-arranged. The University of California – San Diego briefly outlines how eating consistently over the day will benefit your health:


Instead of eating meals in huge chunks, think about the benefits of maintaining your energy levels at a consistent rate across the day. By scheduling your meals and snacks, and building a healthy diet, you can maximize your digestive health while preventing the development of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. 


Another huge positive from scheduling meal windows is that you’ll save money and food. A shopping list when going to the grocery store can be a lifesaver by keeping you focused on what you’ve set out to buy instead of getting caught up in eye-catching displays or something that sounds good at the moment. Also, by shopping for what you’ve set out to make during the week you’ll waste less food. No more missed expiration or use-by dates. 


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