In today’s day and age technology is progressing faster and faster, and it’s being pointed towards the one thing that everyone alive has in common: their health. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown people how important it is to stay completely aware of all aspects of your health. During the pandemic people have kept track of metrics for how many people are infected, where people are infected, how many people are vaccinated, etc. Health during the pandemic is more than washing your hands, wearing a mask, or social distancing. It’s about being aware and using technology to your advantage to keep you and the people around you safe. This technology is just as impactful for your health outside of the COVID-19 pandemic. People have been following metrics before the pandemic to stay healthy whether it be during flu season, cutting down on unhealthy foods, or avoiding smoking. Metrics like these can be applicable to keep at peak health. After all, 80% of diseases are lifestyle-related. 

However, as technology progresses our options on how to utilize it also progress. One truly amazing example of this progression is the Human Cell Atlas, the result of efforts from over 10,000 scientists to map out over 37 trillion cells in the human body. That’s right, 37,000,000,000,000. That’s 12 zeroes. This intense level of detail will allow scientists to delve into the depths of the human genome to further our knowledge on every aspect of human health. This allows scientists and medical professionals to have an extensive library of possibilities just from taking a blood sample. 

Another example of technology at the cutting-edge of health is an analysis of immune cells that showed, at the earliest stages of pregnancy, how crucial a variety of immune cells are in the formation of the placenta. We’re not entirely sure how these immune cells are used, but, when it’s illuminated why and how they’re used, it can open up new avenues on identifying, preventing, and treating problems in early pregnancy. 

Healthcare needs to continue on the path paved by the intersection of technology with traditional healthcare methods. Our revolutionary scanning technology provides a holistic snapshot of your body’s complete fitness. As put earlier, 80% of diseases are lifestyle related. With our feedback report, it becomes incredibly simple to track day-to-day feeling and performance, to avoid overtraining with a fitness plan, and to follow your body’s responses to recommended lifestyle changes. Our total body scan is completed in a brief 7 minutes, and you’ll receive a BodyK feedback report with 30+ physiological biomarkers. Another service we have available here at BodyK is our Wellness Coaching which will provide you with different ways to improve your health after a brief consult.