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“I am always looking for ways to stay healthy. When I heard about BodyK and their test I was very excited to do it. The test did in fact take 7 minutes. It was very professional and all I had to do was breath and stay calm. The results… finally someone can run a test and tell me things about my body without spending days and a lot of money for nothing. The results were explained to me in detail and what I learned about my health and my body was invaluable. I look forward to making this part of my regular health screenings to be the best version of myself. Thank you Mari and team!”

Heidi / 58 years-old

“The nurse came to my home and did a fantastic job. Very professional. He showed me on the screen some values that were out of range and explained why I wasn’t feeling well. I have to make some adjustments in my daily routine.”

Gretchel / 71 years-old

“It was a good experience. I take very good care of my nutrition and exercise every day, so I was curious. My wellness score was 98, awesome!”

Sammy / 42 years-old

“I liked my BodyK screening because since the pandemic I have been with no energy and no motivation, but also with headaches, and I do not have insurance to go to a doctor. My score was very low on 57/100, and the report showed my emotional markers very imbalanced and also some dehydration. There are some steps that I can take now to get better”

Therese / 29 years-old

“I did the test because I was not feeling completely well but I didn’t want to go to a doctor. Even though my Wellness score was 90/100, the screening showed a health problem I’ve been having but also a solution to improve it. It was simple and fast. The technician was very knowledgeable and helpful. I will do my next reading in 3-4 months and see how I have improved my Wellness Score”

Brandon/ 34 years-old

“It was very impressive on how many biomarkers this device can pick up. The process is really easy and fast; the results were shown and explained in the screen and then a report was immediately sent with the summary. I am a nurse and I see the value in it”

Lizzy / 33 years-old

“I’ve always being in search of ways to keep my health on track, and this screening had helped me to identify a microcirculation issue I have in my legs. The report shows some dietary changes I need to make. It’s amazingly fast! and non-invasive. Highly recommended”

Arthur / 62 years-old

“I will recommend it to my family”

Paul/ 30 years-old

“The screening showed many amazing insights, some things I had a feeling about before, and a number of new issues I will be working on going forward. An overweight person has a Scale they can stand on daily or weekly, to see if their diet is working. A person desiring to be in good health and wellness, using supplements, good nutrition, exercise and more, needs a “scale” of sorts for this….. and that is what the BodyK system is…And of course, I am looking to improve my readings on this “scale” next month 😊”

Dan / 60 years-old

“Absolutely awesome!!! It was amazing to find out so much, that I didn't know about my body in a seven minute, painless, non-stressful process. The tech assigned, Luciana, performed the test and was extremely professional and highly knowledgeable. I'm going to recommend it to all my family and friends”

Mitch / 59 years-old

The 7-min BodyKnows scan was spot on! I had a great experience with the Bodyk team the day of my appointment. I was amazed how a seemingly simple test can read the body to such depth and detail. Including my insulin resistance, inflammation, immune response and fitness score. The mental stress and oxidative stress were the most helpful because it confirmed exactly what my body was telling me. With my wellness score at hand, now I have a comprehensive health plan in place and I’m on the road to feeling better. Taking control of my health is so empowering. Thank you Bodyk!

Mariana / 60 years-old

At first I wasn’t sure to do the test because I was into the impression that it would take longer. It is really fast! My appointment was on time and In less than 20 min I was done. I am 35 years-old and pretty healthy, however, the report showed an important imbalance on my Insulin Resistance, which I never expected. This week I’m gonna get a blood test and a follow up with an specialist. I will definitely repeat the test again in some months to compare results.

Carlos S. / 35 years-old.

The BodyK test is relatively fast taking into consideration all the organs it analyzes. It was really accurate since it picked up some health issues that I already have. For the other imbalances that were shown, the report provided some interesting tips to make changes in my habits and improve my health.

Mercedes S. / 56 years-old

The whole experience was incredibly worthwhile!. Since the moment I sat down to take my test, my consultant was very kind, knowledgeable and professional, explaining to me what the biomarkers shown. Going over my report, I was excited that there are simple changes I can make in my daily routine that can vastly improve my physical and mental health. I’ve already scheduled my follow up test in 3 months to monitor my improvement.

Renata / 51 years-old

I’ve decided to do the test before going on vacation. It was excellent because it showed that I had several biomarkers elevated, mainly my blood pressure and my vascular markers. The result stated that I should do only light exercise until I see my Cardiologist for deeper cardiovascular tests. To me it was a wake-up call because I took precautions before going to my vacation trip. The test was fast, simple and the report was easy to understand.

Maria S. / 58 years-old

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