The Impact of Anxiety and Depression on How Long You’ll Live

Many people look at mental health issues like anxiety and depression as if they’re temporary inconveniences that will simply go away. However, these “inconveniences” can severely affect your health, as well as cause you to develop unhealthy habits that’ll cascade and adversely affect your health.    Recently, Dr. David Spiegel of Stanford University concluded in […]

Plant-Based Diets and Longevity

For many people, the idea of cutting out any animal products, or even just meat, seems like a leap that’s all but impossible to take. However, with the booming growth that plant-based diets have sparked over the past decade, it’s easier now than ever before to adopt this diet. Ease isn’t a great reason to […]

The Non-Negotiable Tips for Living a Long Life

With constant advancements and upgrades in technology, as well as improved understanding and circulation of traditional practices for ensuring a long and healthy life, we have all the tools necessary to sustain our health past previous life expectancies. All it takes is a little discipline, a little know-how, and a little awareness. However, this past […]

Live a Longer Life Following Life Tips from Blue Zones

One of the simplest ways to live a long and healthy life is to eat healthy. To take that to another level, one of the best ways to reach 100 is to do what people that are 100 years old do, especially daily habits and diet. The best places to look are Blue Zones. These […]


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