What are the Benefits of Scheduling Meal Windows?

Everyone knows when it’s time for them to eat. Your body naturally lets you know. Sometimes subtly and other times… not as subtly. However, waiting for your stomach to rumble is not the best method to decide when to eat. We’ve always known that what we eat plays a large role in our health, but […]

How has Drive-Thru Testing Changed Rapid Health Solutions

The impacts of technologies on healthcare are endless. However, it’s important to recognize that these benefits aren’t limited to curing disease, mapping the human genome, or creating new drugs to treat various medical conditions. Advances in technology come in innumerable shapes and sizes, and, over the past year and a half, the COVID-19 pandemic has […]

Lifestyle Medicine: What is it?

When you hear the phrase “lifestyle medicine”, you might be unfamiliar with the exact terminology, but you’re not unfamiliar with what it is. A study outlining the practicality and importance of lifestyle medicine gave this simple definition: “the discipline of studying how daily habits and practices impact both on the prevention and treatment of disease, […]

Meditation: How it Can Help You and How to Start

Meditation is an ancient practice that has proved to continually be useful for thousands of years. The practice of meditation was first found recorded in a Hindu text dating to roughly 1500 BCE, though some historians believe it dates back to 3000 BCE. While meditation became widespread in eastern countries, it wasn’t until more recent […]

We’ll Soon Know More Than Ever Before About Our Bodies

In today’s day and age technology is progressing faster and faster, and it’s being pointed towards the one thing that everyone alive has in common: their health.  The COVID-19 pandemic has shown people how important it is to stay completely aware of all aspects of your health. During the pandemic people have kept track of […]

Walking Every Day can Drastically Reduce Mortality Risk

Many people have learned and taken up walking during the pandemic. It’s amazing what a short 30-minute walk can do for your mental health and your physical health. When you walk you’re carrying your own body weight, and this is called a weight-bearing exercise. There are plenty of benefits, including: increased cardiovascular fitness; reduced risk […]


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