What are the Benefits of Scheduling Meal Windows?

Everyone knows when it’s time for them to eat. Your body naturally lets you know. Sometimes subtly and other times… not as subtly. However, waiting for your stomach to rumble is not the best method to decide when to eat. We’ve always known that what we eat plays a large role in our health, but […]

8 More Foods for a Healthy Immune System

With the current state of the world, your immune system is your best tool and defense against viruses, disease, and sickness. Seeing how a virus has shut the entire world down over the past year, it’s obvious how impactful a strong immune system is. Luckily for us, one of the best ways to boost your […]

Food for a Healthy Immune System

Now more than ever having a healthy immune system is key. The world is opening up again, and people are coming out to catch up on a year’s worth of missed opportunities. After social distancing has been the accepted norm, it’s becoming increasingly common to have people shed their mask and stand side-by-side. Now that […]

Children’s Mental Health Linked to Eating Fruits and Veggies

While there are many similarities and crossovers between the promotion of mental health for adults and for children, there are still a few noticeable differences. The largest factor being that children are still growing, and there are countless ways that daily life can impact a child’s mental well-being. It’s vitally important that a child’s mental […]

Plant-Based Diets and Longevity

For many people, the idea of cutting out any animal products, or even just meat, seems like a leap that’s all but impossible to take. However, with the booming growth that plant-based diets have sparked over the past decade, it’s easier now than ever before to adopt this diet. Ease isn’t a great reason to […]

Snacking Habits and How They Impact Your Health

It’s common knowledge that your health is directly tied to your sleep. For an adult, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends at least seven or more hours of sleep each night. However, did you know that your food choices can greatly impact your sleep habits. A study recently published in the Journal […]


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