The Impact of Anxiety and Depression on How Long You’ll Live

Many people look at mental health issues like anxiety and depression as if they’re temporary inconveniences that will simply go away. However, these “inconveniences” can severely affect your health, as well as cause you to develop unhealthy habits that’ll cascade and adversely affect your health.    Recently, Dr. David Spiegel of Stanford University concluded in […]

Meditation: How it Can Help You and How to Start

Meditation is an ancient practice that has proved to continually be useful for thousands of years. The practice of meditation was first found recorded in a Hindu text dating to roughly 1500 BCE, though some historians believe it dates back to 3000 BCE. While meditation became widespread in eastern countries, it wasn’t until more recent […]

Stress and its Relation to Cardiovascular Disease

For years scientists and researchers have studied how humans have interacted and dealt with the various pressures and tensions that come with living. Our body’s response to these pressures is called stress, and the individual pressures and tensions that cause stress are called stressors. There are two kinds of stressors: physical and psychological. Logically, physical […]