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Non-Invasive Preventive Screening to understand how lifestyle affects health, and how to make changes to optimize wellness.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 people in the United States live with a disability. Studies have found that people with disabilities are less likely to get preventive health care services which they need to stay healthy. Also, they are three times more likely to develop diabetes due to poor dietary habits, low physical activity and/or weight disturbances.

At BodyK we provide support and assistance with the goal of optimizing the current and future health of people with autism spectrum disorder as well as other disabilities. We are also focusing our efforts on supporting the health of their families and caregivers.

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Be in the know with BodyK 7 minutes assessment

Due to barriers, individuals with disabilities are less likely to get routine preventative medical care than people without disabilities.  At BodyK, we are committed to providing access to preventive care to individuals of all abilities in the community.

The BodyK Spark division offers an inclusive format to provide individuals in need of accommodations with our preventive health assessment:

  • Caring, compassionate staff trained and experienced to meet the special needs of individuals with cognitive, neurological, psychological and emotional conditions
  • Dedicated hours and days to ensure that our staff has ample time to address each client’s needs
  • Access to a “social story” prior to the appointment to help clients understand what to expect in their visit
  • Fast and rapid assessment with no or little waiting time
  • Our 7 minute preventive screening can facilitate a current overview of an individual’s health status, which can help guide courses of action
  • Non-invasive screening

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