Amidst announcements, warnings, and panic over the new Delta variant of COVID-19, one aspect of your health you need at peak performance is your immune system. You might be thinking: how can I know if my immune system is weakened? Here are a few telltale signs of having a weakened immune system. 


  1. Sky-high stress levels: over 300 different articles have observed that different forms of stress can contribute to a weakened immune system. Any kind of stress no matter how minute can have an effect. In some cases, age and physical vulnerability increased how much stress affected the immune system. Try finding a way to unwind and relax, even if you don’t outwardly feel stressed.
  2. Fatigue and exhaustion: especially if you’re already getting a healthy amount of sleep. When the body is able to deeply rest as it does during sleep, the immune system revs up. Sleep and sickness work in tandem. When you’re sick, your sleep will suffer, and when you’re sleeping well, your immune system will be stronger.
  3. Constant runny nose, sneeze, sniffle, or any kind of minor cold: this might seem obvious, but if you experience more than 2 or 3 colds each year then you should look into boosting your immune system. Remember it’s not just about dealing with the cold, because everytime you’re sick your immune system is in a weakened state. Having a cold can put you at higher risk of catching something more serious.
  4. Stomach pains and problems: 70% of the immune system is located in your gut, so if you’re having trouble with digestion, gas, bloating, diarrhea, or cramps then your immune system could be suffering. Try ingesting probiotics to replenish the gut microbiome and boost your immune system.
  5. Skin wounds and issues take a long time to heal: if your cut or wound still hasn’t fully healed after two or three weeks then it is likely a sign that your wound is infected. Infections tend to strike people with weakened immune systems. Having an open wound allows many dangerous foreign objects a free highway into your body, and, especially if you have a weakened immune system, this is the last thing that you want.

One great way to boost your immune system and support your own health is by taking supplements. You can try BodyK’s Strong Immunity Boost Box, which contains supplements, such as Vitamin D3, Galactomune, and Immunothera, for a powerful boost to your immune system. These supplements work great in tandem with other efforts to stay healthy. Live your best life!