For many people, the idea of cutting out any animal products, or even just meat, seems like a leap that’s all but impossible to take. However, with the booming growth that plant-based diets have sparked over the past decade, it’s easier now than ever before to adopt this diet. Ease isn’t a great reason to uproot your diet. There need to be other benefits, and, luckily, plant-based diets provide plenty of long-lasting and impactful benefits to your health.

A study published in 2020 analyzed the protein intake of over 715,000 people across 32 previous studies and followed up with participants over periods of just three years to three decades. This overarching study found that getting just 3% of your overall calorie count from plant-based protein sources lowered premature death risk by five percent. Furthermore, swapping 3% of your overall calorie content from animal-based protein sources to plant-based protein sources corresponded to a 10% decrease from any cause of death in men and in women. Just replacing eggs and red meat with plant-based protein sources reduced death risk by up to 24% in men and 21% in women. 

It is important, though, to be mindful if you are committed to eating a plant-based diet. Since you’re limited in your choices of where to get nutrients from, it is even more important to have a well-balanced diet. As seen in this diagram from Harvard Medical School, when committing to a diet that removes many of the traditional “healthy protein” options, you have to be wise about where you’ll get those nutrients from. You can try out our supplements to help keep you healthy and have a balanced set of nutrients and vitamins with BodyK’s Active B Trio supplement or with Micellized Vitamin A supplement. Another service we have available here at BodyK is our Wellness Coaching which will provide you with different ways to improve your health after a brief consult.