BodyK preventive health screening


  •  Fast & convenient: 7-minute screening with instant results
  •  Non-invasive
  •  Affordable
  •  Evidence-based and FDA-approved technology
  •  Rapid assessment of 30+ clinically validated health markers
  •  Individualized Lifestyle Management Plan based on your health marker analysis
  •  Individualized supplement recommendations
  •  Suggested dietary modifications
  •  Suggested calory intake based on target weight
  •  Overview of your body composition, vascular function, and organ function
  •  Learn your vascular age in comparison to your chronological age
  •  Individualized risk factor insight for following, amongst others:
            High cholesterol
            Insulin resistance
            Poor circulation
            Poor immune response
            Mental stress
            Poor recovery capacity
            Poor exercise tolerance
            Thyroid function

See what people that had BodyK screens are saying about BODYK

At first I wasn’t sure to do the test because I was into the impression that it would take longer. It is really fast! My appointment was on time and In less than 20 min I was done. I am 35 years-old and pretty healthy, however, the report showed an important imbalance on my Insulin Resistance, which I never expected. This week I’m gonna get a blood test and a follow up with an specialist. I will definitely repeat the test again in some months to compare results
CARLOS S / 35 years-old
The 7-min BodyKnows scan was spot on! I had a great experience with the Bodyk team the day of my appointment. I was amazed how a seemingly simple test can read the body to such depth and detail. Including my insulin resistance, inflammation, immune response and fitness score. The mental stress and oxidative stress were the most helpful because it confirmed exactly what my body was telling me. With my wellness score at hand, now I have a comprehensive health plan in place and I’m on the road to feeling better. Taking control of my health is so empowering. Thank you Bodyk!
CAMILA E / 51 years-old
The BodyK test is relatively fast taking into consideration all the organs it analyzes. It was really accurate since it picked up some health issues that I already have. For the other imbalances that were shown, the report provided some interesting tips to make changes in my habits and improve my health
MERCEDES S / 56 years-old

A tailored approach to your wellbeing...

Start your journey on prevention by understanding your body and your health status with BodyK, using our non-invasive screening assessment and 7 minutes of your time. Make the first step into your future wellness. Know your body in a snapshot!