BodyK preventive health screening


  •  Fast & convenient: 7-minute screening with instant results
  •  Non-invasive
  •  Affordable
  •  Evidence-based and FDA-approved technology
  •  Rapid assessment of 30+ clinically validated health markers
  •  Individualized Lifestyle Management Plan based on your health marker analysis
  •  Individualized supplement recommendations
  •  Suggested dietary modifications
  •  Suggested calory intake based on target weight
  •  Overview of your body composition, vascular function, and organ function
  •  Learn your vascular age in comparison to your chronological age
  •  Individualized risk factor insight for following, amongst others:
            High cholesterol
            Insulin resistance
            Poor circulation
            Poor immune response
            Mental stress
            Poor recovery capacity
            Poor exercise tolerance
            Thyroid function

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