When you hear the phrase “lifestyle medicine”, you might be unfamiliar with the exact terminology, but you’re not unfamiliar with what it is. A study outlining the practicality and importance of lifestyle medicine gave this simple definition: “the discipline of studying how daily habits and practices impact both on the prevention and treatment of disease, often in conjunction with pharmaceutical or surgical therapy, to provide an important adjunct to overall health.” To put it even more simply, it’s all about living a healthy life! While having healthy habits isn’t a cure-all, since there are some things that are out of our hands, it’s one of the best ways to ensure your health. Nearly 80% of all healthcare spending is related and can be drawn to conditions brought about by poor lifestyle choices. Simple lifestyle adjustments can allow you to live your best life and save money while doing it!

Lifestyle medicine consists of 6 pillars that form the core tenants of taking control of your health. The vast majority of conditions and problems that can be rooted out through lifestyle changes can be linked to these 6 pillars: 

  • Nutrition: One of the best ways to promote your immune system and overall health is by doing something most people enjoy – eating! By making sure you’re receiving all of the nutrients you need, you can keep your body in tip-top shape. Eat a balanced diet, and do your best to avoid heavily processed foods.
  • Exercise: Not only does regular physical activity help you lessen fat stores, lose weight, and increase muscle mass, but the positive effect of physical activity on your brain’s structure and health for the entirety of your life cannot be understated. 
  • Stress: Properly managing stress can lead to improved health, mannerisms, and productivity. However, for some, managing stress still has a stigma wrapped around it. It’s extremely important to understand that stress affects everyone and learning how you deal and cope with stress. Finding hobbies or other ways to alleviate stress is a gigantic step in the right direction.
  • Substance Abuse: The dangers and effects on health of substance abuse is well-documented, but substance abuse is still a regular occurance for many individuals. This leads to a dramatic increase in many chronic conditions, including cancers and heart disease. 
  • Sleep: Regularly having a healthy night of rest is critical for your body to function in top form. Many different habits and, unfortunately, normal occurrences can impair your sleep. Some quick tips for getting a good night of sleep are: try and set up a sleep schedule, avoid screens and eating an hour before going to bed, and be physically active during the day. 
  • Relationships: Interact and socialize with other people! Being socially connected can do wonders for your mental wellbeing, stress management, and general happiness. 

Healthcare needs to continue on the path paved by the intersection of technology with traditional healthcare methods. Our revolutionary scanning technology provides a holistic snapshot of your body’s complete fitness. As put earlier, 80% of diseases are lifestyle related. With our feedback report, it becomes incredibly simple to track day-to-day feeling and performance, to avoid overtraining with a fitness plan, and to follow your body’s responses to recommended lifestyle changes. Our total body scan is completed in a brief 7 minutes, and you’ll receive a BodyK feedback report with 30+ physiological biomarkers. Another service we have available here at BodyK is our Wellness Coaching which will provide you with different ways to improve your health after a brief consult.