As of this past February, there are now more than half a million people in the world over 100 years old, also known as centenarians. The United States has the largest number of confirmed centenarians in the world at 97,000, while Japan has the highest rate of centenarians at 0.06% of the population. 

According to a statistical analysis of almost 4,000 people aged over 105 living in Italy, there may not be a natural limit to how long humans can live. This research shows that once a human reaches the age of 105 their risk of death actually levels off instead of consistently increasing like it does before reaching the age of 105. Researchers call this a “mortality plateau” which means from there the odds of dying each passing year stops increasing and stays at 50% chance. 

While scientists and researchers aren’t entirely sure of what this entails, Siegfried Hekimi, a geneticist at McGill University in Montreal, theorizes that the body’s cell’s repair mechanisms will be able to offset any further damage done by aging once this “mortality plateau” is reached. 

Some believe that people this old are too frail and beyond saving, but James Kirkland, a geriatrician at the Mayo Clinic, says “if the odds of dying don’t increase over time, interventions that slow aging are likely to make a difference, even in the extremely old.” Already more and more people are reaching the age group of centenarians, therefore, who can say what is possible with scientific advancements on the horizon. 

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