Did you know that 80% of all diseases are lifestyle-related?

Know your health in a snapshot™

  • Non-invasive technology

    BodyK uses a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved biometric digital technology that analyzes 30+ biomarkers related to chronic diseases in only 7 minutes. BodyK‘s screening procedures and biomarkers are clinically validated. Our preventive assessment is digital and non-invasive – no blood test is necessary.

  • Your proactive step

    The results will produce a blueprint of your current health to help you understand your risks of developing preventable chronic diseases. Your results will provide you with the knowledge that will give you more control of your health. They can be used to create a wellness plan based on your unique physiology, guiding you through the habit changes you can do to feel healthier and have a better quality of life.

  • Extensive results

    BodyK’s report determines your Wellness Index with biomarkers separated into three categories: LIFESTYLE, AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM, HEART & CIRCULATION, also indicating your VASCULAR AGE vs your Chronological age. The preventive screening utilized by BodyK is the most advanced technology of its kind and can be used by your doctor or wellness specialist for further analysis and follow up.

Be part of the new era in healthcare!

View a snapshot of your overall health in only 7 minutes. A healthier you starts with knowledge.

Don't wait for symptoms to appear. Understand the root causes of illnesses. Restore your health through better lifestyle choices.

BodyK uses a non-invasive, state-of-the-art digital device with the fastest results in portable technology. It is the most accurate, lifestyle-related method for restoring your health through knowledge and healthier habits.

Feel healthier and rejuvenated using this powerful tool to know your body and potentially reduce your risk of developing chronic preventable diseases.


BodyK’s technology, as well as the underlying bio-markers used by the system, are FDA approved. BodyK’s assessments are based on non-invasive recordings of photoplethysmography, galvanic skin response, and autonomic reflex technologies that obtain and display data rapidly. The markers displayed have been compared to the gold standards or for the detection of diseases. Studies returned with specificity and sensitivity to detect risks of developing cardiometabolic diseases.

The technology and biomarkers used by BodyK are a result of years of study and research by top digital-health-tech experts looking to provide people with the most accurate, fast, and cost-effective measuring tool in the health and wellness markets.

The BodyK report is easy to understand and follow

Our digital dashboard provides easy-to-read, color-coded reports for better understanding, and will provide you with a simple description of each biomarker. Our wellness specialists or your doctor can interpret your results and recommend the necessary steps for improving your overall health. You will achieve and know more from your health at a fraction of the time.

BodyK is a fast, reliable, and simple method. Your results will be briefly reviewed with you and will be sent to you by email for your convenience in the following 24 hours after the test is performed.

DISCLAIMER: BodyK is a wellness tool for a proactive approach to health. It measures deviations from optimized health. It does not diagnose diseases. Please refer to your doctor for a deeper interpretation of the results, a recommendation for additional testing, or medical treatment, if needed.

Our process

BodyK was created to make your life easier

  • Convenient and accessible

    BodyK will save you time with available appointments and accessible locations at an affordable cost. BodyK has been designed to help people get knowledge about their bodies, in a fast and convenient way.

  • Fast and simple reports

    Our dashboard provides easy-to-read, color-coded reports to show how is your current health and the areas you could improve to have a healthier, more fulfilling life. This awareness and a healthier lifestyle may help you decrease your risks of developing chronic diseases.

  • Knowledge through technology

    BodyK provides you with an overview of your health’s 30 most important biomarkers indicating how your physiology is supporting your body. Using this, your doctor or a wellness specialist can create a personalized wellness plan to help you improve your health for now, and for the future.

Know your health in a snapshot™

Our digital screening process:
Simple - Fast - Reliable

After the screening

Do you want to have an action plan to follow?

Change your story. Be a healthier version of you.™

Understanding your health

Our digital dashboard will walk you through all your biomarkers, allowing you and your doctor or wellness specialist to have a complete blueprint of your health.

The screening has an easy follow-up functionality when you repeat the test, which enables you to measure your progress after a wellness-program and comparing it with the original measurements. See how your changes in certain habits have helped you improve your health.

DISCLAIMER: BodyK is a wellness tool for a proactive approach to health. It measures deviations from optimized health. It does not diagnose diseases. Please refer to your doctor for a deeper interpretation of the results, a recommendation for additional testing, or medical treatment, if needed.

Our services

The future of medicine will be based on an integration between different wellness and medical disciplines working together to promote health. With precise prevention tools, we want to inspire you to make lifestyle changes that will help you prevent diseases and restore and rejuvenate your body.

Lack of energy, hormone imbalances, stress, and weight gain can happen at any age. The most important factor is understanding why it is happening and how to reverse it.

We all want to look and feel young, but the question is:

What are we doing to protect our bodies from the inside?

Start your journey of understanding your body and your health status, with BodyK non-invasive digital screening, and 7 minutes of your time. The results obtained will be your first step into your future wellness and rejuvenation strategy from the inside.

BodyK's digital screening

A summary of the 10 most important areas of your health after analyzing 30+ physiology biomarkers, in a single 7-minute test


Monitor your progress by having BodyK's comparative test after following your wellness plan

Do you want to know how much your health has improved?

Re-test in 3 months and review the comparative report in an easy-to-understand format. Discuss your progress with a specialist or doctor, and make new plans to continue improving and rebuilding your health.

Slow down the aging process of your body through prevention


Consult with one of our specialists for a more in depth understanding of your results, identifying your potential risks of developing chronic diseases, and guiding you to improve your health through appropriate habit changes based on your unique physiology, or share your results with your doctor as a first step into your future health.

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    Our tests are FDA Authorized. We are committed to high-quality testing and service.