Aromatherapy During The Pandemic

Essential oils, flowers, leaves, and other natural wonders sourced from different parts of the world. Aromatherapy ingredients have become globally accepted and can help many people deal with stress in a healthy and easy manner.

Aromatherapy can be administered in multiple ways. Here are some of those methods:


Candles are favored by many for their ability to create a peaceful environment that helps soothe the mind and body. If you’re feeling stressed or if you need a productivity boost, then try lighting a scented candle in your living room or bedroom. Two common scents for stress relief are lavender and eucalyptus. As another plus, aromatherapy candles can also serve as décor in your office or at home!

Massage Oils

Massage has multiple benefits for your body and mind. Aside from calming a stressed mind, it also helps the body by releasing the tension on the muscles. By using aromatherapy oils in massages, people can alleviate the physical ailes of the body, and be soothed by the relaxing scent of the oil.


Diffusers directly mist water blended with essential oils into the air. This is a great method because of how easy it is to start and let run. You can easily fill the diffuser with water and a few drops of whichever essential oil you wish, and then go about your day. Most diffusers can be set to timers and will automatically shut off, so you won’t even have to worry about it until the next time you want to have it run.

Scents for Aromatherapy

There are many aromatherapy oils you can choose from. Lavender, for example, has strong relaxing elements and can help you sleep better. To relieve stress, vanilla and eucalyptus are two other popular options. BodyK also offers many supplements and other alternatives to help manage stress.

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