On a mission to inspire people to lead healthier lives
and reach their optimal health.

“BodyK exists because we are passionate about caring for people. We want to help create a future filled with better health based on prevention, knowledge, and the use of advanced technology. We want to help people realize that small changes in their lifestyle can make a tremendous difference in the health of their bodies and minds, which will be reflected in happier, more fulfilling lives.

At BodyK we strive to make a difference in people’s lives through the continuous search for innovation and available resources. We embrace diversity and believe that everyone has the right to access state-of-the-art technology and premium products, along with the opportunity to enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling life using accessible and affordable tools. At BodyK we work with passion and enjoy the process.” 

Mari Martínez

About Us

BodyK launched in 2019 after almost a decade of research by CEO and Founder Mari Martínez. After a personal health crisis, she changed paths to a transformative way of living. During her journey to better herself, Mari understood the importance of lifestyle management and prevention, as well as the power of knowing and being proactive about her physical and mental health.

Mari created BodyK to provide others with technology, products, and tools to help them reach their optimal health. Her goal, and BodyK’s goal, is to spread knowledge about how important active prevention can be for individuals and their greater community. We are working to help create a future of better health based on prevention, knowledge, and the use of advanced technology.

At BodyK we wholly believe in the power of preventative testing, technology, and education. We have been working with a team of specialists in Europe for the last 10 years perfecting our state-of-the-art FDA-approved digital monitoring system.

Our Purpose

To help people create a healthier future by providing tailored lifestyle management and raising awareness.


To bring health transformation around the world, through awareness and prevention, changing one life at a time.


To inspire people to lead healthier lives, prevent illnesses, and reach optimal health through cutting-edge technologies, preventive tools and better lifestyle choices.

Our Values

Accountability. Integrity. Teamwork. Passion. Innovation. Development. Diversity. Impact.

Executive Team

Mari Martinez

Founder and CEO

Amber Craft

Director of Marketing

Vivian Marti


Medical and Wellness Team

Elena Malmefeldt

Director of Wellness

Dr. Gundu Rao

PhD Scientific & Prevention Advisor

Don’t take our word for it...

The BodyK test is relatively fast taking into consideration all the organs it analyzes. It was really accurate since it picked up some health issues that I already have. For the other imbalances that were shown, the report provided some interesting tips to make changes in my habits and improve my health
MERCEDES S / 56 years-old

The whole experience was incredibly worthwhile!. Since the moment I sat down to take my test, my consultant was very kind, knowledgeable and professional, explaining to me what the biomarkers shown. Going over my report, I was excited that there are simple changes I can make in my daily routine that can vastly improve my physical and mental health. I’ve already scheduled my follow up test in 3 months to monitor my improvements.

RENATA / 51 years-old
I’ve decided to do the test before going on vacation. It was excellent because it showed that I had several biomarkers elevated, mainly my blood pressure and my vascular markers. The result stated that I should do only light exercise until I see my Cardiologist for deeper cardiovascular tests. To me it was a wake-up call because I took precautions before going to my vacation trip. The test was fast, simple and the report was easy to understand
MARIA S / 58 years-old




Preventive Screening

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