About Us

BodyK launched in 2019 after almost a decade of research by CEO and Founder, Mari Martínez. A personal health crisis led her to a transformative way of living. She realized she wanted to replicate the success she had in her healing process, and thus created BodyK as a way to provide others with the technology, products and tools that would heal them from the inside out.

Today, BodyK is excited to delve into the concierge wellness industry as we create our footprint in health transformation. Our company is committed to providing clean, quality products and services that ultimately improve our clients’ health and lifestyles. We strongly believe in the power of preventative testing, technology and education. We know life gets busy, so BodyK comes to you through its concierge service.

Our Purpose


To become the leader in concierge testing and wellness in South Florida, with a fast expansion in the U.S.


To revolutionize the way patients receive medical care by providing rapid, exceptional testing and health solutions on-demand.


To create a company that values its employees, uplifts them to reach their aspirations, and provides a thriving, and happy workplace.

Our Values


Executive Team

Mari Martinez

Founder and CEO

Sylvia Franco

Co-Founder and CSO

Medical and Wellness Team

Maria Franco

Medical Director

Luciana Leo

Wellness Director

Elena Malmefeldt

Chief Wellness Officer