Scientists from the Stanford 1000 Immunomes Project at Stanford University’s School of Medicine in California have devised and created an A.I. algorithm called the inflammatory clock of aging (iAge). This clock predicts different inflammatory diseases as well as index the overall health of the immune system. This sounds a little more science fiction than fact, so how is the iAge able to do this? The A.I. algorithm inspects a variety of different immune system biomarkers present in the bloodstream, as well as other factors and metrics from the body’s natural response to chronic inflammation.

iAge targets systemic chronic inflammation within the body to make its evaluations. Normally, inflammation is a reaction from the body in order to properly heal, however, too much inflammation can be a harmful reaction from your body. An article from Harvard Health illustrates the role of inflammation in the body, “signs of inflammation are like a car’s dashboard engine light. It tells you that something is wrong. But your response is not to take out the bulb, because that’s not the problem. Instead, you look at what caused the light to turn on.” Chronic inflammation is the result of your body not shutting down its natural immune response, so your body believes it’s constantly under attack. When this is happening, it’s extremely important to find the root cause and address it as soon as possible. 

Chronic inflammation is linked to many different serious diseases that can drastically alter your life, including: cancer, heart diseases, bowel diseases, arthritis, and diabetes. iAge subscribes to the prevention school of healthcare. It’s not about waiting until you’re diagnosed, it’s about addressing the issue from the earliest possible moment. iAge provides users with a score that represents their age based on inflammation levels in the body and immune system health. iAge analyzes multiples different biomarkers to come up with this score and gives feedback in three key areas: 

  • Longevity of life: 
  • Multimorbidity: the coexistence of multiple health conditions
  • Immunosenescence: the deterioration of your immune system as you age

Basically, the iAge score is looking at chronic inflammation to see how your body has aged, either faster or slower, compared to your natural age. 

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