With the current state of the world, your immune system is your best tool and defense against viruses, disease, and sickness. Seeing how a virus has shut the entire world down over the past year, it’s obvious how impactful a strong immune system is. Luckily for us, one of the best ways to boost your immune system is by doing something most people enjoy: eating good food! Here are eight great ways to promote a strong and healthy immune system through foods and a drink to wash them down: 

  1. Green Tea: dubbed as one of the healthiest things you can drink, green tea is packed to the brim with nutrients and antioxidants. What makes green tea so impactful is its sky-high catechin count. Catechin is a substance that helps fight against free radicals that damage your cells, which, not only promotes a strong immune system, but is also thought to be a contributing risk towards developing cancer.
  2. Papaya: when people think of Vitamin C sources they normally picture an orange or other citrus fruits. However, papayas are packed with a gigantic dose of Vitamin C. In fact, a large papaya can have two to three times the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C.
  3. Kiwi: technically a large berry, like many of the other superfruits that are recommended for their health benefits, kiwis are loaded with an absurd number of nutrients, fiber, potassium, and Vitamin C & K. Vitamin C increases your body’s white blood cell’s ability to combat viruses and foreign bodies, and all of the other benefits help other aspects of your body to ensure you’re healthy.
  4. Acai: one of the newer healthy food trends of the past few years have been acai bowls, touted for the titular superfood – the acai berry. Acai berries are packed with anthocyanins, a compound that acts as an antioxidant. There’s no proof that acai berries combat weight gain or any specific health condition, but they are filled with healthy nutrients that are important components to leading a healthy life.
  5. Oysters: while this shelled delicacy might very occasionally be home to a pearl, they are always home to a healthy dose of zinc. This nutrient is used to build up and fuel white blood cells for your body’s immune system response. 
  6. Watermelon: not only is watermelon a healthy and tasty summer snack, it’s also a great source of glutathione. This substance acts as an antioxidant that fights free radicals. It also serves as a detoxifying agent cleansing foreign substances or even substances made within your body. For the maximum amount of glutathione, try eating the part of the watermelon nearest to the rind.
  7. Sweet Potato: like another popular orange vegetable (carrots), sweet potatoes are brimming with beta carotene, which your body transforms into Vitamin A, an important nutrient in combating free radicals.
  8. Miso: this isn’t a common ingredient here in the western world, but miso is a staple of Japanese cuisine. What makes miso so healthy is that it is a probiotic that’ll replenish the bacterial microbiome inside your gut where 70% of your immune system resides. A healthy gut means a strong immune system.

Alongside these superfoods, you can try BodyK’s Strong Immunity Boost Box, which contains supplements, such as Vitamin D3, Galactomune, and Immunothera, for a powerful boost to your immune system. These supplements work great in tandem with eating these superfoods to stay healthy.